Saturday, June 23, 2012

Greetings from Farmgirl Antiques, we hope everyone has been having a fantastic summer and if you haven't gotten down here yet, what're you waiting for? We've seen so many people since the summer festivities began! Some new faces from new places and some of our favorite regular customers, we'd love to see you here soon too!

This is not your everyday dress form, this one is a little more padded than most dress forms, so a full body dress form for those who make clothes for a more..realistic figure. I also love the vintage fabric!
Antique fire hose, it's rustic look is just outstanding, it adds to our excellent vintage look, but if you ask me I think it would look even better in your front yard! ;)
Lots of vintage milk bottles to go around! So if you like the look, or have a craft in mind with these be sure to stop by because we have a ton of them. And check out those super cool cows you can get as well!
This is one big, and cool sign, fun for inside the house or even outside, whatever you heart desires!
Beautiful dresser for any one's room, great for kids and check out that mirror, something unique. Perfect for you... right?
A wool hunting jacket! You can totally keep warm, and everyone will be sure to see you. 
Cool vintage game boards and some older baseballs in our "guys" section of the store. So while you're shopping the boys don't get tired  waiting for you (but rest assured, we also have comfortable chairs for them to sit in too!)
Folk art to scale garage, terrific!
Awesome new tables, This drop leaf table is in such good shape, with a great farm look! 
Cute antique Disney characters, great for decoration in a kids room
Corner cabinet, very tall. Awesome for display on the top and storage on the bottom. Well thats all for now, but I must say we also have a good selection of 4th of July decoartions! OH AND Yard  DECORATIONS!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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