Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Farmgirl Post for a Rainy Day

It's a wet but nice day here is Milwaukee today. Before we show you all the fun stuff we've got in the store, we'd first just like to thank all of our veteran's and current soldiers who continue to fight for our freedom. You're service never goes unnoticed and we'd like thank you for all your courage and the sacrifices you've made for the USA. Of course we'd also like to thank those who have lost their lives in war, our hearts go out to the families who have lost and you're fallen soldiers work and courage will never be forgotten.

Great little stool recovered by one of our talented gals here

                                     My friend Viv and I made these concrete pots , messy but fun

                                                                   Fairy gardens what fun

                                                   This is a handy stool with storage inside

                         We have a antique concrete urn to die for and its in great condition!

                       This east lake dresser is just so nice and clean ready to put in place and use.

                              Cindy is at it again making some great collage  boxes and framed pieces.

         This crate is fantastic and so is the cabinet it is standing on! Its also in great condition!

                                                 We have 2 wonderful dress forms in the store!

                                            Lots of fun gardening things and  benches as well

                                             I just love vintage suit cases and shipping pieces

                     This hanging hutch has great blue paint , hooks and drawers what more can you ask for!

Chimney cabinets fit anywhere, this one is narrow and has a deep top to put a nice piece on top!

 This laundry cart painted pink is so adorable with the perfect amount of pealing paint and the rusty pink bucket with thyme herbs oh I just love it!

                                               Baby shoes and baby feet are the best!

Navajo basket a piece of art, really pretty.

This is just a fun piece, these laundry tubs are great for plants in the yard or filled with ice and soda for a party!

Well Enjoy your day and weekend  with friends and family!


  1. Great pictures! Looks like you have a lot of new things in since I was in last week!!

  2. Found three old wood "buoys" that I'll be bringing to the store on June 21st along with a "brand new" vintage ledger book still in the original box!!