Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentines Day is almost here!

With Valentines Day right around the corner I thought I'd share some new pictures of our lovely gift ideas or decorations for the house.
Having a Valentines Day party? Some of these little knick knacks will really give your home that happy warm touch and everyone will stop to admire your adorable decor.

Want to get your Valentine something special? Maybe they enjoy cooking, you could come in and purchase a big pot perfect for stews and soups and write them a message before gifting it!

Not ready to take down your Christmas tree yet? That's okay neither am I, so how about instead of doing all that work no one ever wants to do: take down your Christmas ornaments and put up some fun Valentines Day ornaments. Whoever sees your tree will be so jealous that they didn't think of such a clever idea!

Maybe you're someone who really enjoys the Valentines Day decor all year round, if you are we definitely have something for you! See our little set up to the left. You can always spice up your lovely house with some of this stuff.

There's something here for everyone so don't be shy and come on down and take a look at what we've got!

Now I know there's plenty of you who can't stand Valentines Day, well no worries we always have something for you as well!

Candle lover? There's no way you can pass these up homemade candles. I'd tell you fragrances but you should just come in and indulge your nose with happy smells! (Trust me it's so worth it.)

Bird Lover? Want a bird but don't have a cage? Don't like birds but want a cage? Whatever the case is there's no way this adorable unique bird cage didn't catch your eye. I've seen many bird cages but never one this fun and suitable all at once.

Here are some awesome cases for you Kindle owners! If you're the type of person who fears to put your Kindle in your bag because it might get damaged fear no more! These bags are made just for Kindles!

Here's an awesome (and comfy) chair to add a little splash to any room!


  1. great pics, great stuff! the store looks wonderful as always :D

  2. How much for the blue shutter? or the bird cage? By the way... LOVE my little creme parisian reupholstered make-up vanity stool!!!! Would love to have updates come my way when that woman drops more things off at the store.

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    Sorry to say the bird cage is sold, but the shutters are not. They are 65.00 for the pair, really a great set! I will also keep you informed about the stools, they are terrific! I'm really glad you love the one you got, I will let her know. Her father has been ill and she has been taking care of him so she hasn't be able to get here.
    Thanks, Lisa