Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Take a look at whats New in the store this week!

                                               This is a new piece I made, The Tinsel Queen!
     The farm table with a black , red and white theme. I just love the new iron stone plates and bowls!
      Vintage wine bottles wrapped in wicker and iron straps, WOW That's a lot of wine, they are big!
                               These are great and well made KINDLE cases! Locally made, great fabrics
                                           That can I say.....
                                                 Cookie cutter wreath also made locally

                                                 This wonderful bird cage needs a new home!

                                     Big old bird houses are so much fun to decorate for the holidays
                           This just came in and I love it!!! I need more space in my house!!!
                  I redid the small front window and here are a few pictures of what I came up with

                                  Boy did I have fun, I just love this !

                                      The Top Hat would be a great tree topper for New Years

                 This is my son and he was in a play at school! He did so great, I'm so proud of him!
 He really carried off the vintage clothes look well, All the kids in the play were great, they worked so hard!

                                                   Great job christopher!!

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  1. I told Viv you should send that "Tinsel Girl" to Somerset Studio!