Saturday, September 3, 2011

Autumn just around the corner, and Halloween is in the store!

                     Autumn is a great time to sneak in a dinner with friends and family outside!
                     I just love the vintage picnic baskets, great colors for decorating and storing things in.

          As you know I love the birds and feeding them is fun, this vintage folk art feeder is fantastic!

        We have lots of vintage suitcases  and other interesting things in our ever changing front area!
                              Black and white halloween is really fun to do, here are some ideas...

                                       Antiques mixed with the halloweenie things works great!
           Viv Rad is a great friend of mine and she has a wonderful selection of halloween items!
                           Jean has been working and has some really cute stuff It's a must see!!!

Here is more of Viv's booth


  1. i love jean's items- so wonderful!! i also LOVE that box with the drawers next to the old black boots. it's fabulous and i want it! :)

  2. oh, it looks wonderful !!! time to stop in again and check out all of the goodies

  3. I think I need a trip to your store for some Fall Adornments for my displays...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!