Friday, August 26, 2011

End of summer makes me sad, but Halloween is just around the corner!

We have lots of fun Halloween things coming in! This little suitcase is made by Cindy Anderson-Busch, The other side is just as great-even the inside!

Here is our customer from California showing us how to use vintage bow-ties in your hair! Loved this idea and it was so so so cute!!! We have lots more bow ties to see  
Sorry I was out last week, I was in the upper U.P. with my family Here Nick is cleaning the fish! Boy they were good
                                       Here the boys were checking out a moose head at the falls

                            This is Tony fishing look at that smile he really should fish every day
                                                        Here we all are at the Falls`
           This is one of my favorite pictures! Taking my family on a carriage ride through the woods.
                        I would love to drive a team of horses! That's my next thing I would love to do.
                                           This was our horse Donna she was great and so happy

This is just some wonderful architectural                         pieces                                                                               that are in the store! I also have others as well

                                 Here is Tony , Ben and Alex and Miss Beasly on our Carriage ride
Miss Beasly in her basket held by my son Chris! What a picture...

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  1. Great pictures - glad to see some pics from your vacation! A good looking family and Mrs. Beasley is hysterical!! Didn't know she went too!
    I have to post as "Anonymous" since I don't have a "google account".

    Jean E.