Friday, July 8, 2011

Riverwest Secret Garden Tour

This Sunday July 10th 1:00-3:00(or 4?) is the river west garden tour! It starts at riverwest farmers market on Locust and Bremens St. You can get a map there! We had 2 great gals come in on there way to a wedding and buy a few things for there garden! They will be on the tour, from the sound of it they will have a garden worth the trip to see. I really hope to go!!

I have lots of new things in the store, I'll try to get you some pictures soon! I'm starting to harvest my lavender totally organic so Saturday I will have some at the store for you to pick up! Great for soap and creams. In fact my friens Sanja makes a cream that uses it plus Calendula which is great for all sorts of things lips bug bits bee bites the list is long . I will have it here for you to buy on Saturday! Perfect for healing skin!

Thanks to all who have stoped by, Enjoy this great weather, Go to the garden show!

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