Friday, June 24, 2011

Will summer ever come!!! Bad weather Go Shopping......

                               I just love this little cabinet, great for a night stand or end table!

                                                       As baskets go this one is wonderful
                                       This hutch top is cool, it has a secret compartment on top!

         Ok this birdhouse was hard to take to the store- really hard , as bird houses go this one is great!

             I think this would be fun to hang on the front door with flowers in it for summer if it ever gets here!

                                                 Who could'nt smile when you see these guys?
                              Cindy made these two pieces, I just love them! She's so creative!

                                   Jean made these wonderful bottles all pretty with beautiful ribbons

                          Vintage kids stuff is so cute when put together, I really love the vintage shoes!

 Talk about going green, this record player needs no electric, just a little muscle to turn the crank!

                                              Here is my son Alex working on the garden
                                               We are pleanting beans I can't wait to eat them!!
I still have lots to plant , I just wish the weather would help out! This was a few weeks ago things are coming up ! YES

My son Ben took the pictures of the flowers This one is great I though. He also took the pics of Alex and me.

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