Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween is almost here!

I can't believe that Halloween is only a few weeks away!  We have a great assortment of Halloween items available.  Here are a few random pictures we took this past weekend.

Watch our FaceBook page for a couple of upcoming events ~ 3rd Anniversary Open House the first weekend in December and just before that will be our opening of the Christmas Holiday Extravaganza, much like Farm and Fleet's opening of "Toyland"   in November.

Here is a link to our FaceBook Page, hope you "Like" it! 

The weather was so nice on Saturday, I had to keep going outside just to put more goodies out on the sidewalk :)

Not Halloween-ey, but I bet there will be people dressing up as Spock, Captain Kirk and Raggedy Andy!

Check out this wind sock!  How great would this look flying around in your front year off a big tree?

Wish I had about a hundred more of these!

Do you have a Halloween Tree?

Here are some items from a new vendor at the store; aren't they great?

Make your crab dip a little more fun!

Thanks for looking everyone and hope to see you at the store soon!
Happy Halloween!

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