Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring is here at Farm Girl!

Happy Spring Everyone!

After all that hard work "Thinking Spring" it looks like it is finally here in Milwaukee!  Snow is off the ground, (and not in the weather forecast for a change), temps are warming up into the 60's and that bright thing in the sky is our old friend the sun!

Here are some recent additions to the store to help us this Spring!  Enjoy!

We have lot's of Garden Goodies including this great tin watering can!

How about some drinking glasses to hold your favorite beverage out on the patio.

Cool storage boxes/drawers that I could see holding plants maybe?

How about some metal drawers?

Awesome Cow Girl Boots!

Cement Mushrooms!

Check out this cute garden pail with sand box shovels!!

Making your own arrangement?  We have the 'Fixens'

We have many new garden/patio items on display.

Love this wood Barn Box with an added nest!

Thanks for looking!  Hope to see you down at the store soon - enjoy the nice weather, we deserve it!



  1. Wow...I was just there. All of this must have just come in. Can't wait to see what else is new. Hurray for spring!

  2. Happy Spring!!!Can't wait to come and see your the pics you had posted..will be visiting this weekend!!!!