Friday, August 3, 2012

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Have you stopped by Farm Girl Art & Antiques lately? 
The store is full of so many wonderful treasures that the possibilities are endless to what you will find.

Here is a beautiful table that would look great in a small dining area.

Or maybe this black and white table & chair set will fit your small space perfectly. 

We found this painters bench on one of our treasure hunts-
It will be a great addition to your art studio.

This desk & chair set is a classic!

And after all the time you have spent looking around
Farm Girl Art & Antiques, you will want to take this
chaise lounge chair home with you to rest on before your next visit.

The detail in the iron frame is amazing and brings great character to the chair.

And coming soon.....
See how we bring this piece back to life

Happy treasure hunting!  We hope to see you soon at Farm Girl Art & Antiques. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad I know what a lot of the stuff is when I wander through the store -- that I recognize and remember it. I would hate to look at things and go "wonder what that's for?" or "wonder what this could be?" It's not so bad being a Baby Boomer!