Saturday, July 7, 2012

Old Dogs New Tricks!

Greetings from Farm girl on this beautiful Saturday! Hopefully you're all getting out and enjoying this wonderful weather! We'd really love to see some of your shining faces here today so be sure to stop in and say hello.

 We have this really cool cigar maker in the store and my friend Michelle just had the best idea for it!
This can be a perfect decoration for post cards, pictures, or even coupons!

A close up for you to see the awesome antique look

Our friend Michelle holding the final project for all to see!

You just have to love all the antique Cameras we have and the interesting pictures that are displayed all over the store!

One of the coolest phone, I think they may be making a come back! And of course this awesome vintage camera!

Antique pitch fork with lavender, we have fresh lavender here at the store!

Another way we like to make use of our decorative trees: more pictures!
Well that's it for now, Thanks for stopping by!!!

       Just a note I will be closed Aug. 16, 17th and  18th.
             Sorry but I'm hoping to find some goodies on a road trip!

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