Saturday, February 25, 2012

New pictures, and uniforms!

So I recently posted that I do not have the proper tools to take pictures with my camera and unfortunately I still don't. Lucky for me though, my good friend Viv (seasonal transitions) came into the store and she was nice enough to take some photographs of the store!

We've been getting ready for spring, as has everyone else with this wonderful weather. So if you stop by the store you'll see baskets, eggs, and bunnies everywhere! It'll have you forgetting about winter immeditately.

You read those shirts correctly, they're Farm Girl shirts! How exciting is that? We got hats as well, a fun little thing so customers can that we actually work here!

An up close view of the shirts again because they're just so much fun. And a look at this awesome oversized carrot made by wool hooking with straps of fabric. One of the funniest, sweetest, and creatives "hookers" we know!

The plate the carrot is on top of isn't showed very well in this photo but it's vintage plate with adorable flowers on it, perfect for hanging up or just to lay out as decoration.

Remember our lovely friend Viv I mentioned earlier? Well she's selling these wonderful wings that you can hang anywhere in your house, a perfect Christmas decoration, or just for the heck of it, they're adorable and look even better in person!

These flowers are going to be perfect for spring! Guess what these are made of! Give up? Alright I'll tell you, they're made out of wool sweater, they're the cutest things ever and the woman who makes these makes a bunch for all sorts of occasions. So if you're thinking of getting festive be sure to come here because we have a ton of stuff!

Ready for spring? Yeah me too, take a look at all this fun stuff we've got going on at the store:

Cute little eggs and rabbits, and yet another chalk board decoration perfect for spring or any sort of decorating!

A cute decoration for outside, this would look adorable on your front door!

Oh and don't you just love the chair? That color really makes everything pop!

I absolutely adore these glasses! I would love to use these at an easter dinner or a St. Pattys day party! The green is such an awesome color and if you really felt like getting creative you could chalk board paint the bottoms! Something to think about ;)

Anyone else a hard core Titanic like me? Every time I see these I think of Rose's hands holding her belongings that they found on the ship. Yeah, I know you see it too!

A beautiful picture to lighten anyone's mood!

So come on down to the store, and just remember if you see the shirt you know you're looking at a proud employee at Farmgirl Antiques!

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