Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Well Thanks again for all who have come into the store The last few weeks!  I What to say we are open this weekend except for Sunday and if I don't see you Happy Easter! I'll try to get some new pictures to you. I have lots of new things in the shop! Some cool farm things to decorate with in and outside. We also have a nice amount of vintage umbrellas so maybe if we all get one the weather will get better! My Mother told my oldest son when he was little That he needed to plant a special rock he liked and the spring will come. Well we giggled but my son took her seriously and planted a special rock and by the next few days we had spring and it was beautiful from then on so I think we all need to plant our special rock and hope for the spring we all deserve !Either that or I need to get my son to plant a rock!Well Enjoy your Easter!


  1. Just found you, glad I did. I'm going to spend some time looking back through your post, but can I just say...I love those tall trophies on your last post. Love them both!!!
    Have a great day and I just became a follower.

  2. Thanks Glenda, Love love love that PINK car!